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Mikey Henninger

Hey buddy! I'm Mikey! 

And it's genuinely terrific to meet you, my new friend. Thank you so much for being here inside my childhood dream!

Football has been my biggest obsession since I can even remember…


In 1994(ish) when I was 6(ish), I invented a game using only unsharpened NFL pencils. Remember those?


I would close my eyes, randomly select two pencils (ie two teams), and twirl them in my hands for 5-10 seconds before finally dropping one, the losing team. 


I would write down who won and who lost in my notebook and then grab the next two teams and do it again. 


I did this for hours at a time over many years, completing full 16-game seasons and, of course, playoffs and Super Bowls. 


I even created and hung Super Bowl banners in my room. 


In 1997(ish) when I was 9(ish), I would play a game of Madden 97 on my Super Nintendo and then immediately race to my Grandpa’s typewriter (remember those?) to write a “news article” about the results of the game, including statistics and a “preview” for next week.


In 2003(ish) when I was 15(ish), I met my instant best friend because I found another human being that played Madden and recorded every single roster move, game outcome and statistic in a notebook. And not just for played games/seasons, but also for purely simulated seasons. 


He was the best man at my wedding and we still do this to this day as grown men with families (although I’m proud to say we’ve graduated to shared Google sheets over notebooks). 


In 2006(ish) when I was 18(ish) I played in my first fantasy football league. My first ever draft pick was Arizona Cardinal Edgerrin James (which was VERY different than Indianapolis Colt Edgerrin James). 


I took a defense in the 9th round, a kicker in the 10th round, and panic-drafted fullback Mike Alstott in the 11th round when my aforementioned best friend surprised me with a call to say I was on the clock: I thought the draft ended after 10 rounds. I didn’t know about bench spots. 


I started 0-6 and jokingly changed my team name to “I’m Rebuilding” (in a redraft league). 


And then I discovered the waiver wire and, more importantly, made a blockbuster trade for Steven Jackson. 


I finished on a 7-1 tear to sneak into the playoffs with a 7-7 record, knocked off the one seed and then the two seed for a championship in my rookie season. 


“I’m Rebuilding” somehow won the championship and, needless to say, an obsession was born. 


Now, I own and operate a business that helps hundreds of fantasy football players dominate from draft through championship. 


BBFF subscribers are using:


- Detailed Draft Kits to build rosters with a competitive edge before the season even begins

- One-of-a-kind lineup setting tools like the Start/Sit Heat Map to tackle even the trickiest of “start/sit” and other lineup-setting dilemmas

- The Community (a private Discord Channel of myself and other BBFF subscribers) to help each other WIN


And more. 


So come be my friend! I typically hang out in a lot of the same places you do: Twitter, YouTube, Podcast, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram and hell, even LinkedIn and Medium (granted, my content is a bit different there). 


Better yet, consider joining BBFF and let’s dominate Sundays together. 🏈 🏆 


Cheers, my new friend. This brew is for you! 🍻

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