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2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings: Rookies that Landed in Dream Scenarios- Jaylen Wright

Updated: 6 days ago

Talk about having a type!

In our pre NFL Draft show with my friend and NFL film guru, John Chapman, Chap called Jaylen Wright "De'Von Achane with 20 extra pounds."

He's one of—if not THE—most explosive backs in this year's class and "is shot out of a cannon all the dang time," per Chap.

Who better to draft THAT guy than Mike McDaniel and the Miami Dolphins?

Candidly, the landing spot is absolutely perfect. The Miami Dolphins are a perfect fit for Wright, and Wright is a perfect fit for the Miami Dolphins.

Yes, Raheem Mostert and De'Von Achane are still in town and BOTH went absolutely bananas last year.

But that's actually kind of the point.

This is EXACTLY the type of system and offense that Jaylen Wright can thrive in, even on limited touches; he was never projected to be a heavy volume type of running back anyways (and neither was Achane, by the way).

Sure, Jaylen Wright is no higher than 3rd on the Dolphins' depth chart, and that's usually a no-no in fantasy football.

But Mostert—a career special teams player before working with McDaniel—is entering his age 32 season, and Achane almost predictably missed 6 games last season as a 5 foot 9, 188 pound running back.

Mostert handled a career high 234 touches last season, a number the Dolphins likely want to decrease for a guy that previously eclipsed 152 touches just one other time in his 9 year career.

Achane handled 130 touches, a number the Dolphins likely want to increase if they can. But still, Achane's frame never projected him for a massive workload, so his opportunities will be capped as well.

Dolphins RBs touched the ball 493 times last season, and the Dolphins likely don't want ANY of their current RBs to account for even half of those in 2024.

TLDR: There's plenty of room for a 3rd running back to leave his mark in one of the best offenses in all of football, and Jaylen Wright—like De'Von Achane—is exactly the type of RB that can smash on limited volume.

And this is all just 2024, by the way. Beyond 2024? Mostert is entering his age 32 season and has a contract that expires following the 2025 campaign. There's even MORE opportunity for Wright beyond this season.

⏳ Dynasty Fantasy Football: Jaylen Wright is currently the RB 3 and 16th overall rookie in BBFF's Dynasty Rookie Rankings.

🏆 2024 Fantasy Football: Jaylen Wright is currently being drafted as fantasy's RB 42 around pick 143 overall (late 12th round), a price we're more than willing to pay, especially in "best ball" drafts where you don't have to predict which weeks he'll explode and which weeks he won't even touch the pigskin.


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