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2024 Fantasy Football: Is Lamar Jackson a Threat to Vulture Derrick Henry Touchdowns?

Are you worried that Lamar Jackson will vulture rushing touchdowns from Derrick Henry in 2024 fantasy football?

Don't be. 👇

I understand the gut reaction. Lamar Jackson has been top 2 in QB rushing yards in EACH of the last 6 seasons, including TWO campaigns over 1000 rushing yards.

It's really easy to assume he's a threat to Derrick Henry's goal line opportunities.

But he's not. Consider this... 👇

In 2023, Jackson had just 5 carries for 0 yards and 1 TD inside the 5 yard line.

He had fewer TDs than 17 other QBs, including guys like Tyson Bagent, Mitch Trubisky, Gardner Minshew, Jake Browning, and more.

🚨 Gus Edwards, on the other hand—Baltimore's RB 1—led THE ENTIRE NFL in rushing attempts inside the 5 yard line with 23 (for 37 yards and 12 TDs which trailed only Jalen Hurts) 🚨

That should be enough to calm your nerves but, if not... 👇

In 2022, Jackson had just 4 carries for 3 yards and 1 TD inside the 5 yard line. 16 different QBs had more rushing TDs inside the 5 yard line than Lamar Jackson did.

In 2021, Jackson had 8 carries for 0 yards and 2 TDs inside the 5 yard line. He had less TDs than Ryan Tannehill, Sam Darnold, Jimmy Garoppolo and Zach Wilson, just to name a few.

In 2020, Jackson had just 3 carries for 10 yards and 2 TDs inside the 5 yard line. 13 QBs had more rushing attempts, including names like Teddy Bridgewater, Drew Lock, Dwayne Haskins and more.

You get the idea.

Lamar Jackson has 875 rushing attempts, 5258 rushing yards and 29 rushing TDs in his career.

And yet from inside the 5 yard line, he's averaging 5 carries for 3.5 yards and 1.83 touchdowns per season over his 6 year career.

I understand the gut reaction. But this is a great example of why it's important to have someone in your corner who's constantly studying the data and sharing league-winning analysis.

Do NOT fade Derrick Henry in 2024. He's going to absolutely FEAST in this offense.

If you want to hear more about him (or Josh Jacobs or Saquon Barkley), I dug DEEP into the data on episode 7 of my podcast and YouTube show, "Inside the 20."


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