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Week 3 Waiver Wire

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Week 3 Waiver Wire

Below are the players I'm considering adding to my rosters before week 3 kicks off. All of these players are near or below 50% rostered in Yahoo leagues and therefore likely to be available in most leagues.

Important note: I'm typically pretty frugal with my waiver priority and FAAB, usually only spending on a player that can win me the week. In other words, if they're just "depth" adds and nice-to-haves that might not even see my lineup, then I'd rather wake up early on Wednesday morning and add them for "free" instead of using a waiver claim for them.

Pro Tip: It's a little extra effort, but I have a recurring Wednesday morning "appointment" (reminder) on my calendar with a link to a Google Doc. Inside that google doc are the links to alllllll 20+ of my leagues followed by a bulleted list of who I plan to add/drop in each one. This helps me keep track without spending waiver priority for convenience, a short-sighted move.


I rarely, if ever, use a waiver claim on a QB, but holy Tua Tagovailoa, batman. He's rostered in most leagues but seemingly still available in roughly 37% of them. He's on the every-week QB 1 map after the 6 tiddies he just dumped on Baltimore. Note; he's likely to have much tougher sledding in week 3 against Buffalo.

There's no world in which I'd use a waiver claim on him, but Matt Ryan is on the streaming radar for those of you that are absolutely desperate for help this week. He'll have to throw a ton to keep pace with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Running Back

There are not any RBs I would use waiver priority on this week. That said, there's several I'll try to slide onto my bench if I have room:

  • James Cook (47%) - led the Bills backfield in touches with 11 (53 yards). Sure, that likely had to do with Buffalo blowing out Tennessee, but do you think that's the last time the Bills will destroy the opponent?

  • Jamaal Williams (58% rostered) - 13 more touches in week 2, bringing his season total to 25. That kind of volume will be worthy of flex consideration when bye weeks roll around. He's also one of the top "handcuffs" in fantasy football.

  • Raheem Mostert (43% rostered) - one week after Chase Edmonds claimed the backfield as his own, Raheem Mostert battled back with 14 touches (including 3 catches) for 79 scoreless yards (Edmonds had just 6 touches). This backfield is a headache, but Mostert should at least be rostered.

  • JD McKissic (24% rostered) - 7 targets/catches as Washington tried to catch up to Detroit. He'll get that kind of usage in negative game script, which is likely what they'll experience against Philly in week 3. He'll be on the PPR flex radar in negative game script, especially when bye weeks roll around.

  • Tyler Allgeier (16% rostered) - 10 carries in week 2. That's not much and neither was his 30 yards. But neither was Cordarrelle Patterson's 10 touches or 41 yards. He's not a start-able option, but he could be in the near future.

  • Eno Benjamin (11% rostered) - 11 touches, including 3 catches on 4 targets, in week 2 shootout with the Raiders. Week 3 shootout with the Rams on deck.

  • Darrel Williams (4% rostered) - 10 touches, 62 yards and 1 TD in week 2 shootout with the Raiders. Now has a week 3 shootout with the Rams on deck.

Wide Receiver

There is 1 wide receiver I'd use my waiver priority on this week if I need a wide receiver:

  • Garrett Wilson (23% rostered) - the rookie balled out on Sunday, garnering a whopping 14 targets and catching 8 of them for 102 yards and 2 TDs. We want to be careful of one game sample sizes, but week 1 wasn't too shabby either (8 targets, 4 catches, 52 yards). 22 targets in 2 games is appetizing, even from the Jets. Wilson has 22% of the team's targets after 2 weeks.

There are several others I'd be interested in adding to my team depending on what I need. I likely would NOT spend waiver priority on these, but I'd wake up early to nab them on Wednesday morning:

  • Chris Olave (62% rostered) - 13 targets in week 2 led the team. Be careful of the one game sample size after getting just 3 targets one week ago (which is why I wouldn't use priority). But he's worth an add.

  • Jakobi Meyers (35%) - 13 targets in week 2. Caught 9 of them for 95 scoreless yards. Now has 19 targets, 13 catches, and 150 yards over 2 weeks. TD coming soon?

  • Jahan Dotson (43% rostered) - OK. The kid gets tiddies. The targets (5 in each of the first two games), catches (3 and 4) and yards (40 and 59) are meh, but the kid has 3 tiddies in his first 2 career games. Uncomfortable start and negative TD regression likely to hit, but can't ignore him much longer.

  • Sterling Shepard (11%) - 10 targets but just 6 catches and 34 yards on Sunday. He was a target leader when healthy last season too. Could come into PPR value sooner than later.

Tight End

There are not any TEs I'd use a waiver claim on. But there are several guys on the streaming radar that I'd add on Wednesday morning:

  • Tyler Higbee (67% rostered) - another 9 targets in week 2, bringing his season total to 20. This week, he actually caught some of them (7, to be exact) for 71 yards. Week 3 shootout with the swiss cheese Cardinals on deck.

  • Gerald Everett (57% rostered) - 27.5 PPR points over the last 2 weeks, including 10 targets, 6 catches and 71 yards on Thursday Night. Keenan Allen might be back in week 3, but then again, he might not. And even when the two played together in week 1, Everett turned in 3 catches, 54 yards and 1 TD.

  • Evan Engram (21% rostered) - 8 targets, 7 catches and 46 yards in week 2. Jaguars will likely have to elevate passing volume to keep up with the Chargers in week 3.

  • Hayden Hurst (16% rostered) - Another 7 targets in week 2, bringing his season total to 15. Not likely a streamer in week 3, but climbing up the season-long rankings.

  • Tyler Conklin (3% rostered) - 16 targets and 21.6 PPR points over the first 2 weeks. Jets will likely have to keep throwing (103 pass attempts after just 2 weeks) to keep up with the Bengals in week 3.

  • Irv Smith (41% rostered) - 8 targets in week 2 blowout loss to the Philadelphia Eagles. Likely more aligned with Kirk Cousins needing to throw it 46 times than a sign of things to come.

  • Juwan Johnson (0% rostered) - 12 targets in two weeks including 7 in week 2

Team Defenses

Here are the defenses I'd be looking to stream in week 2:

  • Cowboys (42% rostered) at Giants

  • Chiefs (36% rostered) at Colts - Indy looks ultra broken right now

  • Bears (5% rostered) vs Texans

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