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Think you can beat Mikey?!

Put your skills to the test in the $50 SuperFlex Bowl presented by FullTime Fantasy and Circa. Take your shot at glory and the $5K Grand Prize from the comfort of your own home! 

The top two scorers from our 12-team league will each win $100 and an automatic entry into the Grand Prize round (weeks 15-17) where the top 100 scorers win mo money (1st place gets $5,000, 2nd place gets $3,000, so on and so forth).

See here for the full payout structure of the Grand Prize round!


This will be a SLOW draft with a 4-hour timer. The clock extends overnight from 1:00 AM ET until 9:00 AM ET. Picks can be made while the clock is extended. The draft will begin when it is full!

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