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Introducing the 1st annual "High Achievers Bowl," a BBFF subscribers-only contest where the winner takes home a $750 Amazon Gift Card! 👀 Here are the details:


  • 12 team redraft league

  • $50 to play

  • 1 QB, PPR format that starts 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE and 2FLEX each week

  • Slow draft (8 hours per pick) that's hosted on Sleeper

  • Commissioned by BBFF

  • The winner gets a $750 Amazon gift card, courtesy of the Bowl sponsor: Paul Conley from High Achievers!


Paul Conley is one of us, a BBFF subscriber—you may know him as Paul13 in our Discord Channel—and the Founder of The High Achievers, a group for men who want to achieve big things and want to surround themselves with people doing big things.


Yours truly is a member of this group and it's changed my business and my life. Check it out.

Who will win the High Achievers Bowl?! Sign up below! 👇

Interested in sponsoring a subscriber bowl? Email me to discuss!

paul conley
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