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NFL DFS: Week 14 Review (DraftKings)

Looking back at Week 14

It wasn't a week that I made a bunch of huge mistakes; however, having way too little of the Las Vegas and Indianapolis game ended up being problematic in GPPs as it went off for a 71 total. I even wrote that I thought it was going to be good and underowned! I'm smart and a dummy at the same time.

I did profit on the week thanks to my cash lineup as well as a few GPP green screens, including one lineup that did go 4x.

Let's get to it.

My GPP lineups

20 lineups was back in the fold, and as I mentioned earlier, I didn't have enough of the game that went off. I ended up making half of my GPP allocation back, with three lineups that went 2x and one that went 4x.

Let's go over my top-performing lineup:

  • QB: Aaron Rodgers ($7500 - 16.5% owned - 30.9 points)

  • RB: Jonathan Taylor ($5800 - 13.6% owned - 33.5 points)

  • RB: Melvin Gordon III ($5200 - 8.86% owned - 12.1 points)

  • WR: Davante Adams ($9300 - 25.6% owned - 27.5 points)

  • WR: Brandon Aiyuk ($5400 - 7.14% owned - 24.9 points)

  • WR: Russell Gage ($4500 - 5.99% owned - 18.76 points)

  • WR - Flex: Marvin Jones, Jr. ($5800 - 5.79% owned - 8.8 points)

  • TE: Robert Tonyan ($4200 - 9.28% owned - 14.6 points)

  • DEF: Philadelphia ($2200 - 6.37% - 9 points)

The stack was fine, but didn't perform well enough to push this lineup to the next level. Two of my four one-offs hit, including both WRs at sub 10%, which is nice to see - including one in a game that ended up with a 38 total. Goes to show that even in lower total games, you can find some players that can help buoy you at a low enough ownership to put them in consideration.

Total points: 180.06

Cashing line: 149.24

Number of lineups that cashed: 4 (20%).

My Cash lineup

  • QB: Matt Ryan ($5700 - 3.71% owned - 10.26 points)

  • RB: David Montgomery ($6500 - 28.3% owned - 27.5 points)

  • RB: Ronald Jones II ($6100 - 16.49% owned - 15.4 points)

  • RB - Flex: JD McKissic ($4900 - 24.97% owned - 10.6 points)

  • WR: Davante Adams (45.15% owned)

  • WR: Breshad Perriman ($3900 - 29.17% owned - 5.6 points)

  • WR: Chad Hansen ($3900 - 8.58% owned - 12.6 points)

  • TE: Travis Kelce ($7400 - 12.44% owned - 30.6 points)

  • DEF: Philadelphia (7.18% owned)

So maybe the blind stack proposal is blind for a reason. 32 passes and nothing to show for it from Matt Ryan. I decided that we had enough floor from all three cheapish running backs that I could get away with that and then find other high floor players at wide receiver and upgrading to Kelce. Ironically, this lineup did have Jonathan Taylor in it at first until I got the Ronald Jones news and pivoted there, thinking he would have a more secure shot at a higher workload (and moving down the defense scale to get there). Despite that late negative pivot, it was enough to beat the cash line.

Total points: 149.06

Cashing line: 143.74

Players from last week's picks that didn't end up in my lineups

  • QB: Mitchell Trubisky. I played enough David Montgomery that I thought I had "enough" exposure to the game. They scored 36 points. I am a dummy.

  • RB: Todd Gurley. He did not fall in the end zone.

  • With 20 lineups in GPPs, everyone else saw a spot in at least one of my lineups.

Beer me!

This week I'm in the festive spirit with a Blue Moon Gingerbread Spiced Ale.

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