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Week 14 Matchups: Lineup Setting Confidence Heat Map

Week 14's Beer to Start:

"True to style we ferment our Hefe Weiss with a German yeast culture. Don’t be put off by the cloudy appearance that comes from course-filtering. That’s a sign of a Bavarian-style wheat ale. Relax and appreciate the immense creamy head resting atop this lightly hopped ale. Sip into refreshing spice, hints of citrus and tropical fruit. The addition of wheat malt creates a mouthfeel smooth as a warm summer breeze."

Now that you're properly hydrated, let's get to business...

How to use the Confidence Heat Map:

Below is my Week 14 Confidence Heat Map, which is exactly what it sounds like; how confident I am (or I'm not) that each player will produce satisfactory numbers in relation to what we normally expect from them. Complete with commentary for every single player (over 200 of them), all you need to do is hover over their name (note: this works much better on a computer than on a phone. Also note that if there's a lot of people currently on the sheet, you may need to "refresh" to see notes)!

I use this when setting both my DFS and season-long lineups every single week.

Each player is placed into one of 5 columns:

  • Column A: Week Winners. These are the players that are most likely to erupt this week. I want as many of these guys in my lineup as I can get, as they're set up for an elite, week-winning performance.

  • Column B: Solid Plays. These are guys I'd feel good about having in my lineup. SOMETHING is preventing them from being in the elite tier, but they're still set up for a pleasing performance.

  • Column C: Meh. These are guys that I'm just fine with. I don't feel strongly about them in either direction. They're just fine.

  • Column D: Gross. The name says it all. These are players I'd feel gross about having in my lineup.

  • Column F: Uck No. These are players I'm not even considering in any of my lineups. However, a lot of these guys should be on your radar as potential waiver claims or pick ups.

Important notes and additional explanations on how to navigate the Heat Map can be found in the legend on the top left (please be sure to read all of it before consuming!), but if you have more questions, please hit me up on twitter or email!

As always, be sure to join us on facebook and subscribe using the form below (please!) to make sure you don't miss this next week (or something else)!

Without further ado, this brew's for you! The Week 14 Confidence Heat Map!

🙏 This is a labor of love but it comes at a cost. A financial cost (websites aren’t cheap!), a time cost (16+ hours and sacrificed sleep goes into this article alone every single week!) and a mental cost (I’ll admit this can be draining at times, even if I love it. Just like my kids). Frankly, at times it's difficult to find the motivation to keep going and, in week 14, the burnout is feeling stronger than ever before.

I’m forever grateful to anyone that thinks this is worth a couple bucks (seriously; even just ONE dollar from you goes a LONG way). And to help you feel even better about your gift, my promise to you is that HALF of every single penny will go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Either way, I appreciate you being here more than I can put into words. This brew is for you. Cheers. 🍻👇👇👇

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