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2023 Fantasy Football Rankings to help you dominate your draft!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

👆 Watch this less-than-5-minute video for a demo of the 2023 BBFF Draft Rankings! 👆

UPDATE: If anyone wants the raw google sheet that creates this dashboard, you can find it in the BBFF TOOLBOX member page! Feel free to make as many copies as you'd like!

Want to know who to draft in your fantasy football leagues this year?

Want to know exactly when you should draft them?

Want to know why you should draft them?

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The 2023 fantasy football rankings are here!

But, as always, these "rankings" are a lot more than just rankings. They also include:

🏆 detailed 2023 previews several players so you know why you should target—or avoid—them.*

🏆 color-coded "value" display that evolves with every pick to help you identify when you should draft someone: Easily identify who's a "value" pick and who is "too soon."

🏆 the power to observe daily changes in any player's ADP (average draft position) so that you know who's rising (meaning you might need to "reach" sooner) and who's falling (meaning you might be able to wait a little longer).

🏆 the opportunity to remove players from the list once they've been drafted so that you're not the person trying to draft someone that's not available.

🏆 the ability to sort by position so you can quickly find a QB/RB/WR/TE when you need one.

A few things to know before we dive in:

  • Click on the beer mugs (🍻) to read a player's 2023 preview.

  • I will be adding more 2023 previews for every player over the next several weeks!

  • I will be updating these rankings frequently so be sure to check back regularly.

  • ADP is updated daily.

  • This is for PPR scoring that assumes "normal" rosters (1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1 TE, 1FLEX). If you have different scoring or settings, email me so we can discuss a customized plan.

  • The "value" column compares BBFF's ranking to the player's ADP (average draft position) so that you can easily see who BBFF is higher on than consensus (highlighted in green) and who BBFF is lower on than consensus (highlighted in red). In other words, green = good value, red = they're drafted higher than I'm comfortable with.

  • The "current pick" bar at the top updates automatically as you check players off the list. Then, the "dynamic value" column will evolve to show you who's become a "value pick" (highlighted in green) compared to their ADP, and who's still "too soon" highlighted in red) compared to their ADP.

  • Pay close attention to ADP when drafting so that you don't "reach" for guys that you might be able to get later. For example, you'll see I'm higher on James Conner than consensus (I have him #73 and he usually goes #88, an entire round later). Instead of reaching for Conner because he's "next" on the list, you might be able to wait and still get him in the next round. Pay attention to ADP and know your draft spots. That is how you crush drafts.

  • To observe a player's trend in ADP at the bottom, simply click on their name. To view multiple players at once, hold "Ctrl" and click on each name you're looking for.

  • When a player is drafted, simply check the box on the right to remove them from the list.

  • There's a search bar to make this easy! Hover over "Players (select when drafted)" and you'll see a magnifying glass you can use to search!"

  • If a player is drafted that's NOT in the list (such as a defense or kicker), simply click the right arrow on the bottom right under "dummy picks" to continue to update the "current pick" slider.

  • Don't focus on the ranking. Focus on the tier. For example, even though Christian McCaffrey is at the top of the list, I'm equally fine with taking Justin Jefferson 1st overall.

  • Want personalized 1:1 assistance with your draft? I do drafts with my subscribers all the time. Price usually ranges between $50-$150 depending on the complexity of the league. Please email me to discuss!

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I think that's everything, but always feel free to hop into our subscriber-only Discord channel and/or email me with questions! Otherwise, use the button below to go to the rankings!

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