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Jim Harbaugh and Kliff Kingsbury do NOT want you drafting their WRs in 2024 fantasy football.

2024 is already chock full of coaching and coordinator changes in the NFL.

In episode 1 of BBFF's "Inside the 20," we discuss some of the big changes and what they mean for 2024 fantasy football!

TLDR: Drafting players from the Chargers and Commanders' passing games will be scary in 2024, while each team's RB 1 could pay dividends this season. Tap in above for more!


In Friday morning's debut of BBFF's "In the Trenches," I'm sitting down with Lane Taylor, a former Offensive Lineman who protected Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers for 8 years. Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you don't miss it, and let me know what questions you want me to ask Lane!

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