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NFL DFS: Week 6 Review (DraftKings)

Looking back at Week 6

I found a flaw in my process, and I'm shocked that it took me this long.

To start: I was slightly profitable in my tournament entries (20) this week. But yet again, my cash lineup faltered - and that's where I'm spending most of my money and where I've historically done very, very well. And it's evident to me now that spending time creating, by hand, 20 lineups that I'm looking for leverage on is becoming detrimental to my 21st, and what should be my most important, lineup.

There's no other way to explain how my cash lineup ended up with both David Montgomery and Allen Robinson in it when both are negatively correlated to each other.

There's no other way to explain how I wrote up that I would rank the most expensive RBs, in order, Derrick Henry, then Aaron Jones, then Alexander Mattison, and yet somehow I ended up playing Alexander Mattison and Mike Davis.

This is why it is so important to do what I'm doing. Evaluate after each and every week to see what went right and what went wrong. Creating the process that works for you is vital. Sometimes you find yourself, as I did, chasing too much - and this look back helped me realize that I need to get back to the formula I know how to use to be successful.

With all that said, let's take a look at the lineups.

My GPP lineups

None of my lineups did super well, to be honest, but I had a bunch of lineups in the green, which pushed me to a slight profit overall regardless. Here was my top lineup (as always, stack is in red text):

QB: Teddy Bridgewater ($6000 - 1.57% owned - 11.44 points)

RB: Derrick Henry ($7300 - 25.57% owned - 43.4 points)

RB: Myles Gaskin ($5400 - 25.91% owned - 16.6 points)

WR: Allen Robinson II ($7000 - 6.17% owned - 10.3 points)

WR: Robby Anderson ($6300 - 7.57% owned - 11.7 points)

WR: DJ Moore ($5900 - 1.97% owned - 14.3 points)

WR - Flex: Justin Jefferson ($6000 - 12.1% owned - 42.6 points)

TE: Trey Burton ($3100 - 13.79% owned - 21.9 points)

DEF: Miami ($2900 - 30.59% owned - 15 points)

Nothing to write home about here. All my one-offs hit and the stack was basically a bust. Thankfully, I had a lot of exposure to those one-offs - including in some stacks - so that's why it ended up okay in the end.

My Cash lineup

(played in various double ups - ownership and cash line based on GIANT $5 Double Up as largest cash contest entered.)

QB: Gardner Minshew II ($6400 - 1% owned - 20.12 garbage time points)

RB: Alexander Mattison ($7200 - 43.69% owned - 4 points)

RB: Mike Davis ($7000 - 37.76% owned - 12.5 points)

RB - Flex: David Montgomery ($5800 - 36.74% owned - 13.7 points)

WR: Allen Robinson II (4.91% owned)

WR: Kenny Golladay ($6200 - 43.99% owned - 17.5 points)

WR: Chase Claypool ($5200 - 34.26% owned - 18.1 points)

TE: Irv Smith Jr. ($2500 - 13.9% owned - 11.5 points)

DEF: Houston ($2700 - 0.24% owned - 4 points)

I already talked about it in the intro, but on top of all that, every player was in a Noon CT game. I couldn't even pivot. This was dead when lineups locked, but I marked it truly dead by halftime.

Players from last week's picks that didn't end up in my lineups

  • Zach Ertz: Just didn't land here, really. No Eagles stacks, and went up to TJ or down to Burton/Irv Smith for one-offs.

Pour me a cold one

We had our first snowflakes this week, so clearly it's time to bring out the Leinenkugel's Snowdrift Vanilla Porter I've been hoarding since last winter. I'm usually not a Porter guy, but this one? Yeah, winter tradition. (Also can confirm it pairs really well with chocolate.)

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