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NFL DFS: Week 8 Review (DraftKings)

Looking back at Week 8

There were a lot of ways you could've went in Week 8 and you had a shot of making some money. Thankfully, I did - hitting two of my three GPP lineups and my cash lineup was never in danger, even without playing any Chiefs. The Jets not even being able to cover a 20 point spread is hilarious. Relegate them to the CFL.

My GPP lineups

My three stacks this week were:

  • A Seahawks 2-1 stack (Russ + DK with a George Kittle runback), which hit 4x for a return even with Kittle fracturing his foot. More on this lineup below.

  • Joe Burrow SZN! A Bengals 3-1 stack (Burrow + AJ Green + Tyler Boyd with an AJ Brown runback), which hit 2x for a return.

  • A Colts 3-1 stack (Rivers + Hilton + Pascal with a Marvin Jones runback), which did not cash because TY Hilton has been on a milk carton for eight weeks running.

Here was the full lineup for the Seahawks stack:

  • QB: #LetRussCook ($7800 - 10.42% owned - 28.74 points)

  • RB: Jamaal Williams ($6100 - 31.65% owned - 18.2 points)

  • RB: Myles Gaskin ($5200 - 14.36% owned - 14.3 points)

  • WR: DK Metcalf ($7500 - 11.26% owned - 43.1 points)

  • WR: Stefon Diggs ($6800 - 4.57% owned - 15.2 points)

  • WR: Jakobi Meyers ($3500 - 1.39% owned - 13.8 points)

  • WR - Flex: Darnell Mooney ($3500 - 2.92% owned - 17.9 points)

  • TE: George Kittle ($7000 - 13.53% owned - 5.9 points)

  • DEF: Miami ($2400 - 13.44% owned - 23 points)

I knew going in to creating this lineup that the stack would be chalkier, so I took some chances on guys at WR that I thought would go under owned, but were in spots where they should've seen a bump in their production. Diggs without Gilmore playing seemed smart, although it didn't materially make a difference for him. But Darnell Mooney not seeing Marshon Lattimore for that cheap made a ton of sense, and he's been getting plenty of targets too. Jakobi Meyers was just about the only healthy WR the Patriots ended up having, so the production had to go somewhere. Those chances, at that low ownership, helped buoy this lineup from a Kittle implosion.

Total points: 180.14

Cashing line: 143.04

My Cash lineup

(played in GIANT $5 Double Up as largest cash contest entered)

QB: Joe Burrow ($6200 - 13.38% owned - 18.86 points)

RB: Kareem Hunt ($6900 - 59.14% owned - 9.3 points)

RB: Jamaal Williams (52.05% owned)

RB - Flex: Myles Gaskin (11.64% owned)

WR: Stefon Diggs (2.98% owned)

WR: Keenan Allen ($6200 - 49.75% owned - 21.7 points)

WR: AJ Green ($4500 - 22.44% owned - 3.9 points)

TE: Darren Waller ($5600 - 17.15% owned - 7.8 points)

DEF: Miami (15.23% owned)

I knew playing AJ Green in cash was really dumb, and yet here it is, sitting in my cash lineup. (It probably should've been Mooney.) That being said, I think process-wise this made sense from a construction standpoint, even if Kareem Hunt and Darren Waller didn't pan out. I was clearly buoyed by the Miami defense here, but it was green nonetheless.

Total points: 132.26

Cashing line: 121.02

Players from last week's picks that didn't end up in my lineups

  • Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield: For Carr and Baker, I went away from that due to weather concerns, and given I'm playing only three GPP lineups and one Cash lineup, it wasn't a risk I wanted to take. Rodgers was a straight leverage play against the Jamaal Williams chalk, but he also wasn't low owned, really, so I wasn't sure how much leverage I would really be getting there.

  • Alvin Kamara, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Gio Bernard: I kept my player pool really small (the three RBs in my cash lineup + Dalvin Cook + Derrick Henry). Kamara was definitely a possibility in that, but I couldn't quite get there money wise. The other two didn't fit in my constructions.

  • KhaDarel Hodge: See Mayfield, Baker. Even at minimum price, we had other guys to consider in the range that ended up in better spots.

  • Irv Smith Jr.: It's funny, I played Harrison Bryant instead of Irv Smith Jr. despite my note about the wind. I'm not sure why.

Beer me!

We're keeping it light this week with a Leinenkugel's Toasted Bock.

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