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Smash or Pass? Are you drafting Evan Engram in 2024 fantasy football drafts?

👆 Episode 24 of Inside the 20 discusses what to expect from Travis Etienne, Christian Kirk, Brian Thomas, Evan Engram and the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2024 fantasy football! 👆

Smash or pass? Are you drafting Evan Engram in 2024 fantasy football drafts?

What you're about to read is straight out of BBFF's 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Guide. We do this for every single player, on every single team. Get your Draft Guide while it costs less than a case of beer!

Fantasy Football:

Evan Engram is entering his age 30 season and year 3 with Doug Pederson and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He's been terrific in 2 seasons in Duval, averaging 12 PPR points and 7+ targets per game over 34 contests with the Jags. He finished as fantasy's TE 5 in 2022 and fantasy's TE 2 just last year.


Buyer beware...

Those numbers ARE a little bit misleading, as they include 6 MONSTER games that Christian Kirk missed in 2023 where Engram averaged an earth-shattering 19.7 PPR points(!) and 10.2(!) targets per game.

Of course, that won't be the case come week 1, as Trevor Lawrence *should* have a fully-healthy supporting case that includes both Engram AND Kirk (not to mention free agent Gabe Davis and 23rd overall pick Brian Thomas).

So let's trim the data a bit...

Over 28 career games alongside Kirk and Lawrence, Engram is averaging 10.4 PPR points and 6.4 targets per game.

THAT is more in line with what to expect from Engram in 2024.

And to be clear, that's still plenty good; 10.4 PPR points per game over a 17 game season still would have been good for a TE 10 finish in 2023.

So you have a standalone, back end TE 1 when Kirk plays, and a potential ELITE, monster TE 1 if anything ever happens to Kirk.

Of course, Brian Thomas and Gabe Davis will do everything they can to siphon targets away from Engram in Kirk.

But both guys are brand new to the offense and, at least in 2024, neither guy is an obvious bet to be a bigger threat to Engram's target share than the outbound Calvin Ridley (Titans) and Zay Jones (Cardinals) were in 2023.

There's plenty of volume to go around in a Doug Pederson offense that's finished 10th & 6th in passing attempts and 10th & 9th in passing yards in the last 2 seasons.

Engram is currently being drafted as fantasy's TE 8 around pick 76 overall (early 7th round) and he currently sits 74th overall in BBFF's 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Guide.

If we haven't taken our TE 1 yet by the time we reach round 7, we're more than happy to SMASH on Evan Engram at his cost in 2024.

Are you drafting Evan Engram at his current cost? Let me know in the comments below!


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2024 Fantasy Football Draft Guide

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