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Week 10 Waiver Wire (and Wake Early Wednesday)

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Week 10 Waiver Wire (and Wake Early Wednesday)

Below are the players I'm considering adding to my rosters before week 10 kicks off. All of these players are near or below 50% rostered in Yahoo leagues and therefore likely to be available in most leagues.

Important note: I'm typically pretty frugal with my waiver priority and FAAB, usually only spending on a player that can win me the week. In other words, if they're just "depth" adds and nice-to-haves that might not even see my lineup, then I'd rather wake up early on Wednesday morning and add them for "free" instead of using a waiver claim for them.

Pro Tip: It's a little extra effort, but I have a recurring Wednesday morning "appointment" (reminder) on my calendar with a link to a Google Doc. Inside that google doc are the links to alllllll 20+ of my leagues followed by a bulleted list of who I plan to add/drop in each one. This helps me keep track without spending waiver priority for convenience, a short-sighted move.


There's one QB in week 10 that I'd actually use priority on if he's available in your league:

  • Justin Fields - 69% rostered (nice) - Justin Fields has been smashing for several weeks in a row now but week 9's 40.72 point performance on 3 passing TDs, 178 rushing yards and 1 rushing TD made him a MUST roster from here on out. If he's available in your league, get him now as a rest-of-season QB 1 with elite upside.

Beyond Fields, here are a few others to consider adding after waivers run if you're in need of a streaming option:

  • Jimmy Garoppolo - 39% rostered - Garoppolo is averaging 17.75 fantasy points per game over his last 4 and Vegas has his 49ers pegged for roughly 26.75(ish) points—which is currently the 4th most on the entire 28 team slate—in a 7 point week 10 home win over the Chargers on Sunday Night Football.

  • Derek Carr - 66% rostered - Carr bounced back for 18.36 fantasy points in week 9 and Vegas sportsbooks are expecting roughly 24.5(ish) points from his Raiders—the 7th most on the slate—in a 6.5 point home win over Jeff Saturday and the Colts.

  • Matthew Stafford - 68% rostered - Stafford is averaging a pathetic 12.45 fantasy points per game this season. It's uncomfortable, but you're hoping for a get-right spot against a Cardinals defense that entered week 9 allowing the 4th most points to QBs before Geno Smith dumped 275 passing yards, 2 TDs, and 38 rushing yards on them. Vegas has the Rams slated for 23.25(ish) points, which is tied with the Falcons and Giants for the 10th most on the 28 team slate.

  • Marcus Mariota - 33% rostered - Mariota is averaging a respectable 15.43 fantasy points per game, including 41.8 rushing yards per game over his last 5. Vegas is expected 23.25(ish) points from Atlanta—the 10th most on the 28 team slate—in a 3 point road win over the Panthers on Thursday Night Football. Mariota just dumped 22.42 fantasy points on these very same Panthers just 2 weeks ago (week 8).

  • Daniel Jones - 40% rostered - Jones is averaging a solid 16.28 fantasy points per game, including 45.38 rushing yards per game. There's nothing especially exciting about the matchup—it's quite difficult on paper, actually—but Vegas is giving his Giants the 10th highest implied total (23.25 points) in what's expected to be an easy 6.5 point home win over the Texans.

  • Jared Goff - 49% rostered - Goff is averaging just 10.48 fantasy points per game over his last 4 contests. That said, his week 10 matchup with the Bears opened the week with a 48.5 point over/under, the 2nd highest on the 14 game slate implying some shootout potential. Currently 2.5 point underdogs, the Lions may have to throw it plenty to keep up with the suddenly-elite Bears' offense.

Running Back

There is one RB I'd consider using priority on this week:

  • Jeff Wilson - 52% rostered - Wilson shockingly played 49% of the snaps in his first game with the Dolphins despite being with the team only a few days. Granted, he's more than familiar with Mike McDaniel's playbook which certainly helped him find the field in a hurry and turn 12 touches—including 3 targets/catches—into a productive 72 yards and 1 TD (16.2 PPR points). Most shockingly—and most importantly—Wilson out-snapped the incumbent Raheem Mostert 28 to 27, out-touched him 12 to 9, out targeted him 3 to 2, out-caught him 3 to 0, out-gained him 72 to 26, and out-scored him 16.2 PPR points to 8.6). Don't go expecting workhorse production out of Wilson, but it certainly looks like there's a new lead dog in Miami.

Beyond Wilson, there are several RBs I'd consider adding to my roster after waivers run:

  • JK Dobbins - 57% rostered - Baltimore is on bye in week 10 and there's a slight possibility that JK Dobbins will be able to return shortly after. He'd likely be eased back into the swing of things, but should quickly return to the top of the depth chart when he does return.

  • Rachaad White - 34% rostered - White has been on this list for weeks as a possible league-winning stash in the event of a Leonard Fournette injury. That said, White is starting to come into his own standalone flex value after seeing a season-high 11 touches—including 3 targets/catches—in week 9. Unfortunately, he didn't do too much with them, generating just 34 scoreless yards, but the important note here is that he had just 3 less touches than Leonard Fournette and 1 less carry. He was also more efficient on his 8 carries (27 yards) than Fournette was on his 9 (19 yards). The sleeping league-winner needs to be rostered.

  • Latavius Murray - 31% rostered - has 10 or more touches in each of the last 3 games, plus 15 or more PPR points in 2 of the last 3 games. He's, at worst, the "co starter" in Denver. It's not sexy, but he should certainly be on fantasy rosters, especially with some friendly matchups coming up.

  • Chase Edmonds - 48% rostered - If there's one thing we know about Denver's post-Javonte Williams backfield, it's that it's far from set in stone. Edmonds is not currently the favorite to lead the Broncos in touches, but that could change at any second. He's worth a "wait-and-see" stash if you have space.

  • Alexander Mattison - 45% rostered - not a standalone option, but Mattison is a league-winning bench stash if something happens to Dalvin Cook.

  • Kyren Williams - 42% rostered - It remains clear that Darrell Henderson, Cam Akers, Malcolm Brown and Ronnie Rivers aint it in LA. It's not incredibly likely, but Williams does have a clear path to playing time if things break right.

  • Isaiah Spiller - 3% rostered - The once-promising prospect had 7 carries for 29 yards in week 9. He's not close to the "start him" radar but his sudden usage is a good sign. He's a recommended add in deep leagues.

Wide Receiver

There are not any wide receivers that I'd use priority on this week in "normal" sized leagues, but there are several I'll consider adding to my rosters after waivers clear:

  • George Pickens - 56% rostered - Over his last 6 games, George Pickens is averaging 10.2 PPR points and 6.33 targets per game. Especially after the Chase Claypool (6.25 targets per game) trade, Pickens should be rostered in 80% or more of fantasy leagues regardless of size. The Steelers' offense isn't one to get excited about, but Pickens will likely be peppered with targets over the 2nd half of the year.

  • Mecole Hardman - 48% rostered - Hardman is playing just 54%(ish) snaps per game but is averaging 5.5 targets, 4.25 catches and 56.5 yards with 3 TDs in his last 4 games (18.28 PPR points per game).

  • Terrace Marshall - 6% rostered - Marshall has 15 targets (9 and 6) and 27 PPR points (12.7 and 14.3) over his last 2 games. He's played 86% of the snaps or more since taking over for Robbie Anderson 3 games ago.

  • DeAndre Carter - 31% rostered - Without Mike Williams and Keenan Allen, DeAndre Carter played 80% of the week 9 snaps and received 8 targets, catching 5 of them for 26 yards. He'll have plenty of opportunity for however long Keenan and Williams are out (which might take awhile).

  • Wan'Dale Robinson - 26% rostered - Wan'Dale is still surprisingly rostered in less than 50% of Yahoo leagues. He shouldn't be (even despite week 8's dud). The Giants' WR 1 is likely a forgotten man in your fantasy leagues after the Giants' week 9 bye week.

  • Darius Slayton - 5% rostered - has 6 or more targets and 11 or more PPR points in 3 of the last 4 games.

  • Donovan Peoples-Jones - 21% rostered - has 11 or more PPR points in 4 of the last 5 games. He's also high on Basement Brewed Fantasy Football's "TD Regression Cheat Sheet" indicating he's "due" to score a TD any time now. Deshaun Watson's return is a few weeks away.

  • Michael Bandy - Bandy played 80% of the week 9 snaps with Mike Williams and Keenan Allen on the shelf, catching 5 of 8 targets for 26 scoreless yards. With some possible shootouts and good matchups coming up, Bandy should be on the radar for anyone in deep leagues.

Tight End

As usual, there are no tight ends I would use waiver priority on. Here's who I'd consider in a week 10 pinch however:

  • Greg Dulcich - 36% rostered - played 87% of the Broncos' snaps in week 8. Has compiled 14 targets, 10 catches and 138 yards over the last 2 games. Has scored between 11 and 13 PPR points in all 3 games he's played in his career. In week 10 he will face a Titans defense that was allowing the 12th most PPR points to TEs before Travis Kelce put 10 catches and 106 yards on them.

  • Cade Otton - 11% rostered - after 4 games without Cameron Brate, Cade Otton is averaging 10.5 PPR points per game on 5.75 targets, 4.25 catches, 47.5 yards and 1 TD. He has 10 or more PPR points in 3 of the last 4 such games

  • Cole Kmet - 23% rostered - Cole Kmet came out of nowhere for 6 targets, 5 catches, 41 yards and 2 TDs (21.1 PPR points) in week 9. His next matchup is with a Lions defense that came into week 9 allowing the 3rd most PPR points per game to TEs. Proceed with extreme caution, however, as this was literally Kmet's first game with more than 4 targets this season.

Team Defenses

I'll never use waiver priority on a defense, but there are several defenses I'd be looking to stream in week 10 if I can find them. Assuming I can't get the Eagles (97% rostered), Bills (99% rostered), Patriots (89% rostered) or Buccaneers (85% rostered) I'd be going for the:

  • New York Giants - 7% rostered - their opponent, the Houston Texans, are expected to score just 16.75(ish) points, the 2nd fewest on the 28 team week 10 slate.

  • Las Vegas Raiders - 15% rostered - their opponent, the Indianapolis Colts, are expected to score just 18(ish) points, the 3rd fewest on the 28 team week 10 slate.

  • Tennessee Titans - 21% rostered - their opponent, the Denver Broncos, are expected to score just 18(ish) points, the 3rd fewest on the 28 team week 10 slate.

  • New Orleans Saints - 37% rostered - their opponent, the Pittsburgh Steelers, are expected to score just 19.5(ish) points, the 6th fewest on the 28 team week 10 slate.

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