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2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings: Rookies that Landed in Dream Scenarios- Xavier Worthy

Xavier Worthy ran the fastest 40 yard dash in history, but before you go calling him "the next John Ross," he's not.

He has a great college production profile, he dominated as a true freshman, his routes are incredible and he has no hesitation running through the middle of the field despite being 5'11" and 165 pounds.

TLDR: he's not "the next John Ross." He's a high quality wide receiver that just so happens to be insanely fast.

I was a fan BEFORE the NFL Draft...

And then he landed in a Patrick Mahomes offense that TRADED UP to go get their guy, which is always a GREAT sign; you don't spend extra on a player if you don't have big plans for him.

Candidly, I'd be lying if I told you the first thought that ran through my head wasn't "Patrick Mahomes next Tyreek Hill."

To be clear, Xavier Worthy is NOT Tyreek Hill. No one is.

But it's a fun comparison to make...

Reek is 5 foot 10, Worthy is 5 foot 11.

Reek is nicknamed "The Cheetah," Worthy ran the fast 40 yard dash in history.

Reek is a small but terrific wide receiver who happens to be insanely fast, Worthy is a small but terrific wide receiver who happens to be insanely fast.

There's no denying the upside that Worthy brings to this offense, and he should have every opportunity to make an impact right away in year 1.

Travis Kelce is entering his age 35 season and can't play forever (...right?).

Rashee Rice is in a world of legal trouble and reportedly expected to miss at least half of the 2024 season.

Free Agent Marquise Brown is a solid band-aid, but he's on a one-year rental contract with no guarantee he'll return in 2025.

And so here we are. Worthy is entering a Patrick Mahomes offense that's finished:

🏉 9th or higher in passing attempts in 5 of the last 6 seasons

🏉 6th or better in passing yards in EACH of the last 6 seasons

🏉 8th or better in passing TDs in EACH of the last 6 seasons

Needless to say, Basement Brewed Fantasy Football is all in on Xavier Worthy in both dynasty leagues and 2024 redraft and best ball leagues.

He's currently the 4th overall rookie in BBFF's Rookie Rankings, and we're more than happy to draft him at his current cost in 2024 best ball leagues: WR 45 around pick 105 overall (late 9th round).

Are you in or out on Xavier Worthy in 2024 and beyond?


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