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2024 Fantasy Football Rankings: Are the Detroit Lions Worth Their Expensive Price Tags?

2024 Fantasy Football Rankings: What to Expect from the Detroit Lions!

Key Losses:

WR Josh Reynolds (I guess?)

Key Additions:


📈 Risers:

WR Jameson Williams

📉 Fallers:


Betting odds as of 5/21/2024:

💰 Over/Under 10.5 Wins (-130 under, +100 over)

💰 -220 odds to make the playoffs

💰 Favored to win the NFC North (+150)

💰 3rd best odds to win the NFC (+750)

💰 Tied for 7th best odds of winning the Super Bowl (+1600)

💰 Dan Campbell has the 15th best odds of winning Coach of the Year (+2800)

Fantasy Football:

The Detroit Lions are entering year 4 of the Dan Campbell era, one that’s been on a sharp incline ever since Campbell arrived, bringing them within one game of a Super Bowl appearance in 2023.

More importantly for fantasy football purposes, Detroit’s offenses have been juggernauts in each of the last 2 years under Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson, finishing 4th & 3rd in yards and 5th & 5th in scoring.

They’ve been fantasy friendly in the running game, finishing 13th & 7th in rushing attempts, 11th & 5th in rushing yards, and 3rd & 1st in rushing TDs.

They’ve also been fantasy friendly in the passing game, finishing 11th & 9th in passing attempts, 8th & 2nd in passing yards, and 8th & 4th in passing TDs.

They’ve offered plenty of fantasy football volume, finishing 12th and 2nd in offensive plays executed.

And they’ve been efficient with that volume, finishing 4th & 3rd in yards per play plus 3rd & 8th in scoring percentage (percentage of drives that ended in points on the board).

They’re frequent flyers in the red zone, finishing with the 2nd and 5th most red zone attempts in the last 2 years.

And they’re efficient with those attempts, finishing 2nd & 4th in red zone touchdowns, and 4th and 3rd in red zone percentage (the percentage of time a team reaches the red zone and scores a TD).

TLDR; The Detroit Lions are a VERY exciting fantasy football offense under Offensive Coordinator Ben Johnson, providing ample volume, efficiency, and scoring opportunities for all involved.

So where should they land in our 2024 fantasy football rankings?

Heading into the 2024 season, Detroit’s offensive arsenal—including Ben Johnson—looks nearly identical to the 2023 unit that finished:

✅ 5th in scoring

✅ 3rd in yards

✅ 9th in passing attempts

✅ 2nd in passing yards

✅ 4th in passing TDs

✅ 7th in rushing attempts

✅ 5th in rushing yards

✅ 1st in rushing TDs

The only noteworthy (hardly) name from 2023 that won’t be wearing a Lions uniform in 2024 is Josh Reynolds and, candidly, his 64 targets, 40 catches, 608 yards and 5 touchdowns won’t be terribly difficult to replace.

Back is Jared Goff, who’s been a top 10 fantasy QB in each of the last 2 seasons under Johnson.

Back is Jahmyr Gibbs, who finished as fantasy’s RB 10 as a rookie last season.

Back is David Montgomery, who rushed for 1000+ yards for the 2nd time in his career last season, not to mention scoring a career high 13 touchdowns to finish as fantasy’s RB 17, the 2nd best finish of his career.

(Gibbs and Montgomery combined for 24 touchdowns last season, just 1 year after Jamaal Williams and D’Andre Swift combined for 25 touchdowns: We know who’s getting the ball when Detroit gets into the red zone).

Back is Amon-Ra St. Brown, on a shiny new contract after finishing as fantasy’s WR 7 in 2022 and WR 3 in 2023.

Back is Sam LaPorta, who did the unthinkable, unseating Travis Kelce and finishing as fantasy’s number 1 tight end DURING HIS ROOKIE SEASON.

Back is 2022 12th overall pick Jameson Williams who, for the very first time in his career looks like he’ll get a chance to play football in week 1—heck, anything before week 5 is new. For the first time in his career, Williams is locked in full time on one of the best offenses in the game.


As elite as the Lions offense is, are their players worth their expensive price tags in 2024 fantasy football drafts?

Are we drafting Amon-Ra St. Brown, Jahmyr Gibbs, Sam LaPorta, David Montgomery, Jameson Williams and/or Jared Goff at their respective costs?

Maybe. 😉

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