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2024 Fantasy Football Rankings: NFL Vets that Survived the NFL Draft - Zack Moss and Chase Brown

👆 Episode 16 of "Inside the 20" covers NFL vets that survived the NFL Draft and now look like targets in 2024 fantasy football. 👆

When it comes to NFL veterans that survived the NFL Draft and now appear teed up for significant roles in 2024 fantasy football, Zack Moss and Chase Brown appear to be two of the biggest winners.

After trading Joe Mixon—who's handled 270 or more touches in 5 of 7 nears with the Bengals—to the Texans, the Cincinnati Bengals did not select a single running back in the 2024 NFL Draft.

That means Moss and Brown will compete for touches in a Zac Taylor offense that's finished 16th or better in scoring in each of the last 3 seasons, including 7th in both 2021 and 2022.

And the RB 1 role in a Zac Taylor offense? It's been a pretty fruitful one over the years.

In 69 nice regular season games that Joe Mixon played in since Taylor became the Bengals' head coach in 2019, Mixon averaged a whopping 19.8 touches per game(!)—including 3.7 targets per game.

And if that volume wasn't appetizing enough, Mixon's fantasy value became especially mouthwatering when the Bengals got near the goal line, something they'll do plenty as long as Joe Burrow is under center.

In each of the last 3 seasons, Mixon had:

💪 the 3rd or 4th most RB targets inside the 5 yard line

💪 the 3rd or 4th most RB rushing attempts inside the 5 yard line

💪 93.8% or more of the Bengals' rushing attempts inside the 5 yard line

Mixon has finished as a top 10 fantasy RB in 3 straight seasons, including a career high RB 4 finish in 2021.

Of course, there ARE some serious red flags to Zack Moss in 2024, many of which I covered in great detail in episode 11 of my podcast and YouTube Show, Inside the 20.

🚨 In fact, there’s plenty of risk to BOTH Zack Moss and Chase Brown in 2024 fantasy football. I covered BOTH in great detail in my 2024 Fantasy Football Draft Guide, a resource that BBFF customers will use to dominate their 2024 drafts. 🚨

Still, Moss/Brown did not suffer any additional blows coming out of the NFL Draft, and both look like intriguing 2024 fantasy picks at their current cost (Moss is currently being drafted as fantasy's RB 30 around pick 95 overall, Brown is currently fantasy's RB 37 around pick 116 overall).

Which one—if any—are you targeting in your 2024 fantasy football drafts?

HINT: You do NOT want to target BOTH.


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