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Introducing BBFF Subscriber Fantasy Football Leagues!

New this year, BBFF subscribers have a chance to compete head-to-head against one another—and Mikey 👀—in BBFF subscriber-only fantasy football leagues!

Here are the details:

  • This will be your typical "Redraft" style league. Each week, you start:

    • 1 QB

    • 2 RB

    • 3 WR

    • 1 TE

    • 1 "flex"

    • 1 K

    • 1 DEF

  • PPR scoring (1 point per reception)

  • 12-team leagues—1 of which is Mikey

  • Randomized snake draft to start the season

  • Slow draft (8 hour clocks so users can draft when convenient)

  • Hosted on Sleeper

  • Draft starts shortly after the league fills up

How do I enter the Fantasy Football League?

New subscribers: cost to enter is $100 and includes a BBFF All-Access Pass.

Current subscribers: cost to enter is $50.

The winning team in each league will receive:

Sweet merch could be yours free if you win the BBFF Fantasy Football League!
  • A personalized individual trophy

  • A $50 BBFF Gift Card that can be used on merchandise of your choice, including tee shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and more! 👉 Check out that super sexy stock image that is definitely not me for an example. 👉

  • Automatic entry into next year's contests where you'll be pitted against other winners to compete for the ultimate BBFF championship!

Ready to sign up?!

👇Click this button and scroll to the bottom!👇

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