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Garrett Sisti on the Basement Brewed Fantasy Football Podcast: It's Josh Palmer szn

The Lightning Round Podcast's Garrett Sisti joins Mikey Henninger on episode 11 of the Basement Brewed Fantasy Football Podcast to discuss:

🏈 Garrett's 30-minute unofficial employment at Target

🏈 The Charger's O-Line (and it's impact on Austin Ekeler)

🏈 Isaiah Spiller (and his impact on Austin Ekeler)

🏈 Corners to watch out for when starting WRs against the Bolts

🏈 Defensive players to target for IDP players

🏈 Mike Williams vs Keenan Allen in fantasy football

🏈 Gerald Everett outlook in LA

🏈 🏈 🏈 Josh Palmer is set to explode onto the scene. 🏈 🏈 🏈

The discussion was so strong it forced me to elevate Palmer into a higher tier in my fantasy football Draft Kits.

Cheers! This brew is for you! 🍻🏈🏆

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