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Dominate Your Draft

Dominate Your League

Everything you need to dominate your draft in one centralized location, including:

  • Philosophy and strategy for each position

  • Tips for roster construction AS you build

  • Detailed individual analysis for 250+ players*

* Note: Not all individual player notes in the kit yet. They are being added throughout the summer as team previews are released.

Want hands-on help with YOUR specific draft? A mock from your spot (with commentary) or even sitting in your draft with you (virtually)? Shoot me an email and let's discuss.
American Football Stadium


"Thanks for helping me! All three leagues got into the playoffs with two first round byes!"


"Finally made the playoffs in an intense league after 2 years. Thank you bro!


"Barring utter disaster tonight, I’m in the Championship! In no small part to your analysis!"

What tools do you use to prepare and draft your dream fantasy team? Rankings? Projections? Cheat sheets? Magazines from the grocery store?


I did too.


But rankings/projections/cheat sheets don't offer analysis, strategy or philosophy, instead expecting you to blindly trust a list. I suppose magazines offer analysis, but those are written in June and's not 2006.

That's why I built this Draft Kit after over 150 drafts already completed this summer. It's built with positional strategy, roster construction tips and, most importantly, a thorough written analysis for each and every player. It's all in one centralized location and has everything you need to dominate your draft.


It's the exact tool I use to dominate mine

👈 Here's a 3-minute video demonstration

"Holy smokes this is amazing" - Ritrm, Reddit
Roster COnstruction tips.PNG

Roster construction tips that guide you through your draft!

"I greatly appreciate all the effort you invest in creating a tool that combines several variables and metrics into an easy consumer tier system."
- Adam
QB draft strat.PNG

Draft strategy/philosophy for each position based on 150+ drafts already completed this summer.

"You changed the game for me. You helped me have a lot more fun last year!"
- Scotty-o, Reddit
player analysis.PNG

Thorough written 2022 outlook for every. single. player.

After you dominate your draft, dominate every week with the tool that made Basement Brewed Fantasy Football, our Lineup Setting Heat Map!

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