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Hi, My Name's Mikey and I'm a Fantasy Footbaholic

My first ever fantasy football draft pick was Edgerrin James in 2006, his first season in Arizona after a 14 touchdown, 1,800+ yards-from-scrimmage campaign with the Colts. He finished 2006 with just 1,376 yards from scrimmage, a 3.4 yards per carry clip, and 6 total touchdowns.

I drafted a defense in the 9th round.

I drafted a kicker in the 10th.

I drafted Mike Alstott as my RB3, a Fullback very much at the end of his career (2006 would indeed be his final season) that hadn't touched the ball 100+ times in a season since 4 years prior.

To be fair, I was conducting the draft on my phone (by phone call, mind you; texts weren't really a thing quite yet but I had plenty of minutes), had no rankings or magazines (not fantasy football magazines anyway), had no idea what the draft board looked like (my buddy/the commissioner was literally just calling me every time it was my turn) and, oh yeah, it was my first ever fantasy football league and I thought the draft was 10 rounds total (I thought my "starting lineup" was the end of the draft; I didn't know there were more rounds, hence the panic pick of Alstott when my buddy surprised me with an 11th phone call).

Still, I was the laughing stock of the league before the season even began.

To absolutely no-one's surprise, I was left for dead in the basement of our league at 1-6 after only 7 weeks. I even jokingly changed my team name to "I'm Rebuilding"(in a redraft league with no future implications whatsoever) as a symbolic white flag on the season that we were only halfway through.

Then, I discovered the waiver wire.

I discovered incessant trading.

I discovered exploiting matchups.

By week 14, the final week of the regular season, I was 6-7 and tied with one person for the final spot in the playoffs, and we just so happened to play each other. Buoyed by my recently-acquired Steven Jackson's 28 touches (including 10 catches in a PPR), 139 scrimmage yards and 2 touchdowns, I miraculously snuck my way into the playoffs.

Steven Jackson went for 32 carries, 127 yards and 2 more touchdowns in week 15.

Steven Jackson went for 39 touches(!) (including 6 catches), 252 yards(!) and 2 more touchdowns in week 16.

Somehow, someway, I was the champion of the league (still named "I'm Rebuilding" by the way) and an obsession was born.

14 years later, the obsession is as roaring as it's ever been and seems to have been passed on to my son, but it's not just about playing the game anymore for me. Now it's also about coaching. It's about analyzing the game with a good Milwaukee brew in hand, sharing findings (about fantasy football and the beer), communicating exploited edges, and doing whatever I can to help bring championships, entertainment, good beer and, most importantly, good fun to you, your friends and your family.

I appreciate you being here more than I'll ever be able to tell you. This brew's for you. 🍻

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