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2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings: Rookies that Landed in Dream Scenarios- Kimani Vidal

Fantasy football players, if you're looking for the next Tyler Allgeier or James Robinson—late round or undrafted RBs that smash in their rookie season...

Then I have the guy for you to target in the late rounds of your 2024 drafts.

23 year old Kimani Vidal landed in the PERFECT place for sneaky fantasy football impact when the LA Chargers chose him in the 6th round of the NFL Draft.

The opportunity is there: The Bolts RB room is filled with role players and questions marks...

Gus Edwards is a perfectly capable NFL running back, but he's long been more of a role player than the type of talent that you need to force-feed touches.

JK Dobbins was a promising 2nd round prospect coming out of college back in 2020, but he's appeared in just 9 of a possible 34 games over the last 2 seasons combined, and is coming off a torn Achilles, which is historically a death sentence for RBs, at least in their first year back.

Isaiah Spiller has been a disappointment ever since the 2022 NFL combine and has a grand total of 64 touches for 184 scrimmage yards in his 2 year career, a nauseating 2.9 yards per touch mark.

To be clear, as a 6th round rookie, Vidal himself is hardly a sure thing to be any better than those listed before him.

But with underwhelming competition in front of him on the depth chart, Vidal DOES have a better chance of getting on the field than someone who's stuck behind say Christian McCaffrey (like Isaac Guerendo).

Clear path to opportunity? ✔

And then you have the landing spot. And THAT is mouthwatering. 🤤

In episode 1 of my podcast/YouTube Show, Inside the 20, I talked in great detail about what a Jim Harbaugh/Greg Roman offense can do for the team's RB 1.

TLDR: It's something worth targeting in fantasy football.

In 4 years that Harbaugh and Roman worked together with the 49ers back in 2011-2014, their offenses finishes 3rd, 7th, 3rd and 9th in rushing attempts.

Better yet...

In 10 years that Roman has been an Offensive Coordinator in the NFL, his offenses have NEVER finished below 9th in rushing attempts.

Better yet...

Roman's offenses have finished 3rd or higher in rushing attempts in 7 of 10 seasons(!).

If he can just get onto the field, Vidal has the size, the speed, and the power to pay off with the volume a Greg Roman offense provides.

If you're looking for a running back that offers Tyler Allgeier or James Robinson vibes—late round or undrafted RBs that smashed in their rookie season—then Kimani Vidal is that guy.

And if he's not, it cost you nothing but a late 16th round pick.

Minimal downside, plenty of upside.

⏳ Dynasty Fantasy Football: Kimani Vidal is currently the RB 7 and 29th overall rookie in BBFF's Dynasty Rookie Rankings.

🏆 2024 Fantasy Football: Kimani Vidal is currently being drafted as fantasy's RB 59 around pick 189overall (late 16th round), a price we're more than willing to pay. Minimal downside, plenty of upside.


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