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Start or sit? Here's what to expect from every fantasy-relevant player on Thursday Night Football

If you play fantasy football, then you're familiar with those nagging weekly lineup decisions that can make or break your week.

(If you don't play fantasy football...well...then it's kind of weird that you're reading this, but I appreciate you.)

🤯 I have 4 RBs but can only use 3. Who is the odd man out?

🤯 Should I choose Player X or Player Y for my flex spot?

🤯 My QB is on bye week, who should I pick up off waivers?

🤯 My TE is not Travis Kelce, who should I pick up off waivers?

I know you know what I'm talking about.

That's why, every week, I create a start/sit resource—called the Heat Map—that puts 30+ hours of weekly research into one easy-access location to help my subscribers:

💪 conquer those critical decisions and win their weekly matchups

💪 identify QB, TE, DEF and K streamers and TD regression candidates

💪 set winning DFS lineups

💪 cash in on weekly player prop bets

Don't believe me?

A testimonial about how subscribers win using tools from Basement Brewed Fantasy Football
This is just one of 80+ testimonials I've collected in the last 12 months

If you play fantasy football, then I promise you will find this helpful.

That's why I'm happy to let you sample part of this week's completely free.

I was only going to put Thursday Night's game in there but in the spirit of Trick or Treat season, I added three other games for you as well.

Just The Tip(s)

A few quick tips if this is your first time (I'll be gentle):

🏆 First and foremost, these are NOT rankings. One player's location on the Map has nothing to do with another player's placement on the map. Instead, the column they're placed in represents what to expect about that player's upcoming performance compared to what you normally would expect from them.

🏆 The jaw-dropping benefit of this tool is that each and every player has their own unique, thorough, contextual analysis detailing what you should expect from that player this week. Simply click on the player's name to read their preview.

🏆 NOTE: Because this is in Google Sheets, it's best used on a computer. That said, if you've downloaded the Google Sheets app on your phone, it can work there as well.

Whenever you're ready, click here to check out a sample version of this week's Heat Map. Remember, just click on any player's name to read their preview.

And by the way, when you still can't decide who to play, our members-only Discord community has 260+ other fantasy football brains waiting to help you with your toughest dilemmas. See the screen shot below. We'd love to have you join us in The Basement!

Sign Up!

If you want the rest of this Heat Map—and every other Heat Map from here on out—as well as access to our Discord channel, this whole dang thing costs less than 1 beer or Starbucks per month.

Seriously, just $5 per month (billed annually), and signing up now means you're set for the rest of the year and you already have next year's Draft Guide locked up!

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