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Week 1 Confidence Heat Map

First thing's first, here's week 1's lineup building beer consumption of choice:

Lakefront Brewery (Milwaukee, WI) - Oktoberfest

I honestly can't think of a better beer to kickoff the NFL season than with Lakefront's Oktoberfest. A solid 6% ABV, it's the perfect football/fall beer and made by the best brewery in Milwaukee

Now that you're properly hydrated, let's get to business...

If there's one thing the world needs in 2020, it's today; Football is back, babay!!!

Below is my Week 1 Confidence Heat Map, which is exactly what it sounds like; how confident I'd feel with every single fantasy football relevant player (over 250 of them) in my lineup in week 1. I use this when setting both my DFS and redraft lineups every single week.

Each player is placed into one of 5 tiers:

  • Tier A: Week Winners. These are the players I feel the most strongly about this week. I want as many of these guys in my lineup as I can get, as they're set up for an elite, week-winning performance.

  • Tier B: Solid Plays. These are guys I'd feel good about having in my lineup. SOMETHING is preventing them from being in the elite tier, but they're still set up for a pleasing performance.

  • Tier C: Meh. These are guys that I'm just fine with. I don't feel strongly about them in either direction. They're just fine.

  • Tier D: Gross. The name says it all. These are players I'd feel gross about having in my lineup.

  • Tier F: Uck No. These are players I'm not even considering in any of my lineups. However, a lot of these guys should be on your radar as potential waiver claims or pick ups.

Additional explanations on how to navigate the workbook can be found in the legend on the top left, but if you have more questions or want to know specifically WHY I feel a certain way about a player this week, please hit me up on twitter or email!

As always, be sure to join us on facebook and subscribe using the form below to make sure you don't miss a thing!

Without further ado, this brew's for you! The Week 1 Confidence Heat Map!

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