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Week 11: Fantasy Football Lineup Setting Heat Map©

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Below is my fantasy football Confidence Heat Map© for week 11, which is exactly what it sounds like; how confident I am (or I'm not) that every single fantasy-relevant player will produce satisfactory numbers in relation to what we normally expect from them.

Important before you dive in:

  • These are NOT rankings! Read the box in the top left of the map

  • Every single player in the heat map© has notes as to why they're placed where they are. To observe the notes, simply hover over their name (if on a computer) or download the google sheets app if you insist on looking on your phone.

  • The notes are FAR more important than the player's placement in the map

  • If for some reason you can't observe the notes left for a player, try refreshing your browser and check again

Without further ado, this brew's for you! The Week 11 Start/Sit Confidence Heat Map!

This will be a purchase-only resource next season! But 2021 members will get discounted 2022 pricing next year! Click this link to join us! 👈🖱️

Venmo: @Mikey-Henninger

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