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Week 13: Fantasy Football Lineup Setting Heat Map©

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Below is the Lineup Setting Confidence Heat Map© for fantasy football. This tool is intended to help you build your DFS lineups and assist with those tough decisions you're facing as you set your season-long lineups in week 13.

Important before you dive in:

  • These are NOT rankings! One player's spot on the map has zero relation to another player's spot on the map.

  • PLEASE READ: Every single player in the heat map has notes as to why they're placed where they are. To observe the notes, simply hover over their name (if on a computer) or download the google sheets app if you insist on looking on your phone. The notes are FAR more important than the player's placement in the map

Without further ado, this brew's for you!

This will be a purchase-only resource next season! But 2021 members will get discounted 2022 pricing next year! Click this link to join us! 👈🖱️

Venmo: @Mikey-Henninger

Cash App: $MikeyHenninger

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