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Week 9: Start/Sit and DFS Confidence Heat Map©

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Below is my fantasy football Confidence Heat Map© for week 9, which is exactly what it sounds like; how confident I am (or I'm not) that every single fantasy-relevant player will produce satisfactory numbers in relation to what we normally expect from them.

Important before you dive in:

  • These are NOT rankings! Read the box in the top left of the map when you open it

  • Every single player in the heat map© has notes as to why they're placed where they are. To observe the notes, simply hover over their name (if on a computer) or download the google sheets app if you insist on looking on your phone.

  • The notes are FAR more important than the player's placement in the map

  • If for some reason you can't observe the notes left for a player, try refreshing your browser and check again

Without further ado, this brew's for you! The Week 9 Start/Sit Confidence Heat Map!

🙏 This is a labor of love but it comes at a cost. A financial cost (websites aren’t cheap!), a time cost (20+ hours and sacrificed sleep goes into this every single week!) and a mental cost (I’ll admit this can be draining at times, even if I love it. Just like my kids). Frankly, at times it's difficult to find the motivation to keep going and, already in week 8, the burnout is very real. I’m forever grateful to anyone that thinks this is worth a couple bucks (seriously; even just ONE dollar from you goes a LONG way). And to help you feel even better about your gift, my promise to you is that HALF of every single penny will go to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Either way, I appreciate you being here more than I can put into words. This brew is for you. Cheers. 🍻👇👇👇

*Prefer use of the Patreon link highlighted in yellow above, but all support is appreciated!*

Venmo: @Mikey-Henninger

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