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2024 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings: Rookies that Landed in Dream Scenarios- Ray Davis

Ray Davis was one of my favorite late round picks in 2024 fantasy football drafts even BEFORE we knew what team he'd be playing for.

And now that we have that answer, he remains one of my favorite late round draft picks—though he may not stay a late round pick for long.

The Buffalo Bills made Ray Davis the 128th overall pick in this year's NFL Draft, choosing him with the 28th pick in the 4th round.

"But wait...the Bills already have 2022 2nd round pick James Cook. Why would I want his backup?"

I hear you. But what if I told you Ray Davis won't be JUST a backup?

What if I told you Ray Davis might be THE best rookie running back in this class as it pertains to being ready to contribute to an NFL team on day 1?

What if I told you Ray Davis is gonna offer his own standalone flex value with upside for more if anything DID happen to James Cook?

For starters, Buffalo has run a two RB system for most of the time that Sean McDermott has been the team's Head Coach.

In 2018 it was LeSean McCoy (195 touches) and Chris Ivory (128).

2019: Devin Singletary (180) and Frank Gore (179).

2020: Singletary (194) and Zack Moss (126).

2021: Singletary (228) and Moss (119).

2022: Singletary (215) and James Cook (110).

Now, to be fair, 2023 WAS the James Cook show, toting a career high 281 touches under interim Offensive Coordinator Joe Brady.

Then again, Cook's running mate was a 33 year old Latavius Murray who was seen pushing a walker through the trenches.

Is it possible that now full time Offensive Coordinator Joe Brady treats James Cook like a workhorse and force-feeds him 300(ish) touches?

Sure. It's possible.

But it's not likely. Why?

For starters, the Bills willingly spent a 4th round draft pick on a running back they know full well will already be 25 years old(!) in November. There's likely already an aggressively approaching expiration date on Davis' career.

Why would Buffalo brass spend a mid round pick on a short shelf life if they have no intention of getting him involved in the offense?

He's gonna play. He's gonna play well. And he's gonna play well in an offense that's finished 6th or better in scoring in EACH of the last 4 seasons.

And guess what? Let's say I'm wrong. Let's say Joe Brady treats James Cook like a workhorse and feeds him 300+ touches this season, leaving nothing but scraps for Ray Davis?

You know what that would cost you?

An early 16th round pick.

In other words, with a nearly-free ADP, there's almost NO downside but PLENTY of upside to taking a flier on Ray Davis in 2024.

⏳ Dynasty Fantasy Football: Ray Davis is currently the RB 6 and 28th overall rookie in BBFF's Dynasty Rookie Rankings.

🏆 2024 Fantasy Football: Ray Davis is currently being drafted as fantasy's RB 57 around pick 181 overall (early 16th round), a price we're more than willing to pay. There's plenty of upside and minimal downside when the cost is nearly free.


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