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BBFF Case Study: Alicia Torres is 6-0!

A woman describing her success with Basement Brewed Fantasy Football

Alicia is 6-0.



Alicia ALMOST suffered her first loss of the season this week...

Like every other fantasy football player in the world, Alicia was faced with a critical start/sit decision yesterday...

Tee Higgins or Kenneth Walker? Who plays? Who rides the bench?

After consulting the Heat Map—a weekly resource I create for my subscribers that's packed with 30+ hours of weekly research to tell you exactly what to expect from every player in every game, every single week—she decided to roll with Kenneth Walker.

Walker rewarded her decision with 89 yards and 1 TD (17.9 PPR points) while Tee Higgins caught just 2 passes for 20 scoreless yards (4 PPR points).

Alicia ALMOST suffered her first loss of the season this week...

But she didn't.

She used her BBFF resources to quickly and confidently conquer difficult decisions and reap the rewards.

Heading into week 7, Alicia is 6-0.



Are you?

If you're still "going with your gut" or trusting a "projected points" number from whatever site you play on, stop.

Use the button below to subscribe for less than it costs to buy just one beer or Starbucks per month.

Looking forward to seeing you in "The Basement," our subscribers-only Discord Community of 265+ other fantasy footballers that are waiting to help you!

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